Earth Day

“I think birds turn into owls at night.” Shane, age 4

Children remind us, everyday, to look at the world anew. Do we really see, and feel, and know the wonder as we once did? Can we fight with all of our heart and soul to protect something that we don’t love? Can adults learn to love again? The sun rises on the regal trees, the elephant, the ant, the ocean and it’s joyful tears of salt, on the moon above, that gives silver light to our dreams. Silently, nature watches over us, and most of us ignore her, too busy with immediate “matters of concern”.

The reminder of Earth Day, is that we are not to take for granted our beautiful blue planet. We are here for such a short time, it is our sacred duty to revere, respect , honor and protect her. The planet belongs to our children. We can begin to acknowledge this profound truth by making sure that our children grow in the wisdom that they, in turn, will become caretakers. Get their little toes in the streams, their fingers on the wildflowers. Show them the stars, the clouds and the birds, teach them to listen to the rain, the crickets, and the waves. Read to them about tadpoles, tigers, tornadoes…answer their questions with the dignity they deserve, for curiosity is the soul of science. Do this, talk to them about how precious the earth is and what you are doing to keep it so, and you will begin to fall in love again. And, when you love, you will protect.

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